DFS Replication issues

We have 4 File Servers at 4 different locations.  All servers are using DFS-R to replicate files in a share.  There is about 700GB of data.  All locations are connected through site-to-site VPN tunnel.  The replication has been working fine for quite a while, but today I got a call that some files were not replicating.  

After checking event logs, WAN links, and backlog status, I found that the WAN links are fine, the event logs are clear except for one Warning (Shown below), and there are over 800000 files in the backlog to one of our servers.  

I will try to explain our topology:

Server A (Main site Server)
Server B (remote server 1)
Server C (remote server 2)
Server D (remote server 3)

Server A is connected by Hub-and-Spoke topology to all other sites.  Backlog from other sites to Server A is clear.  Backlog from Server A to Server B is over 800000 files.  Server A to other servers is around 2000.

Warning in Event log:
The DFS Replication service is stopping communication with partner ServerB for replication group File Replication Group due to an error. The service will retry the connection periodically.
Additional Information:
Error: 1726 (The remote procedure call failed.)
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R4incAuthor Commented:
Ended up calling M$ to resolve.  Had some other issues as well they fixed.
Allready tried to restart the service on Server B ?
DFS replication that is... services.msc ... stop / start...

troubleshooting dfsr myself atm and i do have a comparable problem (dfs stops working for no reason i call it to my boss)
R4incAuthor Commented:
I tried restarting the service on both servers.  I plan on rebooting all servers tonight after hours.  I did think of one thing that changed in the past week or so.  We upgraded to VMWare vSphere 5 and have not completed the upgrade of the tools and hardware on the servers.  Maybe that caused something to go haywire?
R4incAuthor Commented:
Called Microsoft to fix issue.
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