How can I get rid of this symantec popup

I have one user who gets this pop up error in the Symantec on her PC. U have run manual scans with it and Malwarebyets and found noting. The server manager reports show nothing for that machine. I have attached a screen shot of the popup. Is it a virus I need to be concerned about?

Symantec Endpoint Protection
[SID:24454] Attack: Apache & IIS Range Denial of Service Vulnerability Detected.
Axis52401Security AnalystAsked:
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffConnect With a Mentor Systems AnalystCommented:
Check out this Page:

I did a quick search and it seems to be happening in quite a few places.  No solution that I saw yet.
Hey Jason0923, I came across this via the Symantec boards.  Hope it helps: 

It lists a possible cause which may help you nail down a solution.

I would suggest you to raise a support case in Symantec. because it can be a wrong action taken by sep or right action.

Hope this helps..
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