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I need a query that will pull all the rows where column2 has a number that ends in 09.. How?

For example if the number is 1309 I want it or 9909 etc..
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select * from table where right(convert(int, column2), 2) = "09"

should work

convert(int ... is done if it's not an int so there is no problem with decimal precision
but right(....,2)  = "09" is a char-function  
so an exctra convert(varchar...)  is needed to be able to take the last 2 positions and compare it with "09"

select * from table where right(convert(varchar,convert(int, column2)), 2) = "09"
This will work in both condition if column is int or nvarchar

select * from TableName where <ColumnName> like '%09'

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The like '%09' is a more readable version of  the Right() = '09'  (I worked further on the given solution including the ""-error where it must be '')

But using different data-types without explicitly converting them is fooling the one who has to maintain that  sql in future. If you read that you directly assume that column is a varchar or nvarchar.  
Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
This handles most data types and sizes without any problems

FROM MyTable
WHERE Cast(Column2 as varchar(max)) LIKE '%09'

If we know that the value is numeric, this can be changed to

FROM MyTable
WHERE Cast(Column2 as varchar(32)) LIKE '%09'
Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
Now - one more case.  If you also must check if the column is a number - that is, if the column is textual and may contain numbers - a validation check will need to be added to the process.

This may be what the Convert(int, column2) suggested by sshah254 was intended to do, but this will generate errors if the data is not numeric, bigger than an Int, etc.  Instead, a LIKE and IsNumeric() check will validate for this.

    SELECT *
    FROM MyTable m
    WHERE m.Column2 NOT LIKE '%![0-9. ]%'   -- If the column does not contain anything but digits, decimal, and space
        AND m.Column2 LIKE '%09'  -- the column matches the pattern needed
     ) src
WHERE IsNumeric(Src.Column2)=1  -- the column is actually numeric

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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Assuming numeric than:
FROM YourTableName
WHERE column2 % 100 = 9
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
[Using % also requires that the column is an integer (of any size).]
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