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While installing an update for another program, I didn't pay attention, and suddenly the Babylon search toolbar is installed in Firefox. I could remove the Babylon program from Windows, but the Firefox toolbar is very persistent. I can disable the toolbar, but there is no remove button. I've tried to remove Firefox, then remove all Mozilla folders in the AppData folder, I removed the profile, but both the Babylon and Avast addons are there.

How do I remove these addons completely? I don't care about removing profiles etc.
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R7AFAuthor Commented:

I solved it by uninstalling Firefox (first making a backup of the bookmarks), including all personal settings. Then I did a search in Windows Explorer for "mozilla", and deleted all folders in the search result (except for one file that seems to come with the Windows install). Then I reinstalled Firefox, and finally Babylon was gone. Then I restored the bookmarks and the other addons.
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Try Revo Uninstaller to uninstall it

Sushant GulatiConsultantCommented:
Known issue with Mozilla, when this is installed and where it writes..

Here are the steps mentioned..!!

YESSS!!! Ok people here's what you do!
1. Type about:config in the bar and hit enter, ignore the funny warning
2. Type Babylon in the search query and hit enter. This will show all Babylon Sh%t in your browser
3. Right click "extensions.BabylonToolbar.firstRun" and select "Toggle"
4. Select keyword.URL (This is the fixed line, yours will have Babylon in it) and "Modify" it and copy/paste this in:"
5. Exit the tab and restart your browser!
6. BINGO it SHOULD be fixed!

Good Luck.. but take care while you remove the extension that you are striking in the right entry..
R7AFAuthor Commented:
Haven't tried the other suggestions, so I cannot tell if the work or not...
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