Recommendation for enterprise picture management application

On our Windows network we have stored a few hundred GB of pictures accumulated over the last 10 years.

We'd like to be able to search and organize these photos, instead of just manually looking at thumbnails
and searching through directories.

Can you recommend an application that addresses these needs and is built for a network environment?
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Not sure what you mean about it being built for a network environment, but I'm assuming you mean accessible via a network rather than just sitting on someone's desktop.  Assuming this is so, there are several applications out there.  One well-known one is Coppermine and another is Gallery.  They both can be used to organize and display photos on a webserver.  A big advantage is that they are free.

If by network environment you mean that they must be commercial products sitting on a server, you can use something like sharepoint to store, cateogorize, and display photos.

Hope this helps.


prosinskiAuthor Commented:
Thanks you for the recommendation. We are pretty much a Windows shop, so I don't know that these options will work for us, but I appreciate the input.
They should work just fine on a microsoft platform.  

First install the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WebPI or WPI) onto your server:

From there, install php (it may even be installed automatically with the current version of WPI)

Then you can install all kinds of freeware/oopen source packages, including Gallery and other photo management pkgs.
Here's the link to Gallery

If you prefer not to use the WPI to install php, you can also install Php yourself.  
* Installer:
* Manual:

Once you have php installed, there are all kinds of free photo pkgs you can run from a server.

Hope this helps.

If you don't want to install php or the Web PI (which also provides an installer for Gallery) you can also just download photo apps from codeplex.

These use .NET or Silverlight or javascript.  I can't recommend any of them in particular, since I haven't used them myself, but I mention them for completeness sake.

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