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Emergency Recovery Disc. is worth what?

My Father had a Compaq desktop.
There are a few assorted disc here.
There is an "emergency recovery disc."

It says for distribution only with a Compaq PC.
If I was Compaq I'd say that too.

Is this disc. good for any other computer, etc?

3 Solutions
No, it can only be used on a compaq PC (strictly it is only allowed on the same PC you got it with). It is OEM pre-activated, that means it will only run on the hardware it came pre-activated for, the compaq. It is also a Recovery Disc, that means it doesn't install the OS, but rather restore the system to it's factory state, with all the drivers and utilities the PC had installed when delivered. Many of those would probably not run on any other Hardware.

Sometimes with older PC's that came with XP, the "Recovery" doesn't necessarily mean that it restores the system to the factory state. But also those will only work on the PC it came with.
nickg5Author Commented:
well, my Vista disc says a similar thing........only to be used by OEM........however, I have it, and it works.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
A "recovery disc" is -- as rindi noted -- a complete system recovery disc, including the drivers, utilities, etc. that were shipped with the computer.   It's not the same as an OS installation disc.

Your OEM Vista disc is an OS installation disc => it will "work" to install the OS on any system ... HOWEVER, the Microsoft licensing terms only allow it to be installed on the original system it was purchased for.   Once it's activated on a system, it's legally tied to that system.  (You can upgrade the components on that system & reactivate -- but you can't legally move the OS to another system)

nickg5Author Commented:

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