How do I send email from other domains on SBS 2011?

I have an SBS 2011 server setup and have added an additional email domain to the Accepted Domains. So now every user has email addresses from both domains.
 - (primary)

My question is, how can a user choose to send from in Outlook? Even if I use the From field and type in their domain2 email address it changes it back to domain1 and comes through as that primary domain.
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amenezes0617Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The way I used to do that is have 2 accounts for each of the users who need to send as the 2 different email domains.
Then you set Send As permissions so the user can login with a "primary" account and use the other one in the From field when needing to send emails coming from that address.

That is the only way (that I know of) to make that distinction, and so that when the other party replies to the email it goes to the right address.

Also, if the user only wants to check one mailbox you can have the second mailbox forward all emails to the first.
Or you can just open that secondary mailbox in Outlook for him and keep the emails separate.

Kind of a pain if you have a lot of users but I ran like this for a while.
We are just dealing with this same issue at a client site.

For some of the users we always need to send as domain2 so we changed the default to domain2 and turned off the automatic email address updating.

I found a method at the official SBS blog that involves using groups and then allowing send as permission.  This is OK for a small number of users and really useful for things like the example of "sales@"

A commentator there suggested a trick using dummy POP accounts but I haven't tried that yet.

This is something that can not be done by default, there are some workarround options like creating a second mailbox, distribution list, a fake pop account in outlook or go for a third party program that gives you this option.

I put the options together in an article, this might help:
jmolhavaAuthor Commented:
This is the method that I went with to deal with this issue.
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