I have installed XAMPP Successfully on my computer.  However, If I load a file into http://localhost/xampp/juke.php  It say :
Error 404 object not found.  Any clues?
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Computer GuyCommented:
If you goto the xampp folder on your computer and goto the htdocs folder inside the xampp folder.
The jukes. Php file belongs in the htdocs folder.

Location does not matter.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
It's not really there?  Did you try http://localhost/juke.php ?
hi is the object in the htdocs folder?
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Computer GuyCommented:
Is Apache running?

Goto the control panel for XAMPP and make sure that Apache is running.
rgranlundAuthor Commented:
What do you mean: "Is the object in the Htdocs Folder?

Also, does it matter what drive it is installed on?
check your httpd config, find ywhat your directory root is. Then navigate to that folder and make sure there's a folder called xampp with a file juke.php in it. You won't find it hence the 404 error), so make sure your directory root is set to the right path
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