How to track the amount of time someone is on a webpage

Is there some type of service or software that can track how long a visitor is on a page before clicking another page?
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You can check Google Analytics...
Or this tools:

I've worked with Google Analytics and AWStats are like them both.


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For a list of these tools please take a look at the following site.(If you have ISA Server)

assuming you want to develop a code
You can also use this code.....grabbed it from one of the sites, not my code....It gives you the number of seconds a person has been on that page....should be helpful to you....

<HEAD><TITLE>JavaScript Timer</TITLE>
<!--//hide from old browsers
var counter = 0;
// call Update function in 1 second afte
//     r first load

    function Update() {
    counter ++;
    //Optional alert after 10 seconds
    //if (counter==10) (alert("Ten seconds i
    //     s long enough!!!!"))
    //Display time in status window
    window.status="Elapsed time = " + counter + " seconds";
    //Display time in text box
    document.form1.input1.value="You have looked at this page for " + counter + " seconds";
    // set another timeout for the next coun
    //     t

<FONT FACE=ARIAL COLOR=navy><CENTER><H1>JavaScript Timer</H1></CENTER>
JavaScript can measure time.<P>
The text value below and the status line are being updated every second.<BR>
Press the RESET button to restart the count, or the STOP button to stop it.
<FORM NAME="form1">
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="input1" SIZE="40" Value="Welcome!"><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="RESET" onClick="counter = 0;">*
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="STOP" onClick="window.clearTimeout(ID);">

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