Microsoft Support wants me to run /preparead on my exchange 2010 box.

The MS support tech wants me to run this on my LIVE exchange 2010 box should I be concern with its affects?
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No.  it may cause an interruption for a few seconds if you have alot of AD sites and DC's but if you are a smaller shop, I wouldn't be worried at all.  I've done this live a bunch of time for troubleshooting and setting up Exchange with no ill effects.
Mike KlineCommented:
You could wait until after core business hours if you are nervous.  Where I am we do all maintenance after core business hours anyway but like Taco said it should not be a huge deal.


polbexpert1Author Commented:
Currently we are running OCS2007 r2 do we have to take that into account when running the
PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
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