Templeate to score and prioritize & calculate project priority on a 1-100 scale

Here is my situation, I'm trying to find an excel tool that will rank new project requests
based on multiple factors and then return a total score.  I would like the score to be based
on (amongst other things) a calculation of ROI.  I work in healthcare, at a large hospital
so things like patient safetyscore, estimated time needed, date needed ect would aslo
need to be factors.  Does anyone have something created that I could work with?  I want to use
this template to make what our team does more transparent to our directors.  I need the tool to berelatively simple and would like to be able to customize it as needed.  I would think that somethinglike an IT project request form would be a good starting place but don't have that either.  Please
Help!  Thank you,
One example attached below

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Michael FowlerConnect With a Mentor Solutions ConsultantCommented:
On the priority model 2 page the following formula will give you the total priority score


For further help could you post some more spcific examples so we can create the formulas you need

Also, have you looked at the excel templates in office

This page could also help

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