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I'm attempting to transfer, copy, files from one USB portable driver over to another USB drive and I keep having issues.  The error states that it cannot access or copy a specific file due to access.  Out of 50 Gig's I receive this error roughly around the 25 Gig mark and when I click "OK", the copying over stops.  

Is there a way to verify what I've copyed  a short period of time as aposed to going through every single file?

I'm using Windows XP as the operating system to do this.
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Drop to a command prompt and use xcopy. /D command will only copy files that don't exist or are newer. /C will continue to copy when errors occur

xcopy (SOURCE) (TARGET) /S/E/V/C/I/K//D
ie. xcopy f:\*.* h:\directory\*.* /S/E/V/C/I/K//D

You can also have the results log to a file and review after to see what files failed to copy. To log the results to a file just add to the end of the command >log.txt
Once it's done coping all the files you can then review log.txt to see what errors occurred.

Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
What method is being used to copy the files?  I've personally found that drag-and-drop in Windows seems to be much less reliable than XCOPY32 or XXCOPY from a command line.
the best easy and fastest way is create an image of the Primary USB using Acronis or Paragon Backup and Recovery
And deploy the image of Primary USB to Secondary

Kyle DaviesRetail Software SpecialistCommented:
There is also a very nice and small programme that you can use to copy the data over called Bart it is quite quick.
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