Storing Windows Roaming profiles on a linux NAs


I have windows server 2008 r2, and one of the things I want to try to do is store the roaming profiles on a linux nas.

I know the nas has AD integration, but I don't think that applies to file perms.

Is this possible to do? and what would it take to do?
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The permission on the share are to allow everyone the right to write.
When the profile is copied by the workstation, the permissions will be set by the workstation based on the GPO settings if any (add administrator to the permissions)
The quickest and simplest if you must, would be to have the NAS provide an iscsi resource to the win2k8 which will share it as the location where the profiles will be stored.
Which NAS are you talking about openfiler/FreeNAS?

Usually linux distros have an example in /etc/samba/smb.conf for a scenario you outline.
The difficulty might be with the win2k8 and Linux Integration.

Are you considering pointing  the profile to \\linuxserver\linux_samba_share\%username%

You could use iscsi LUN as a local drive on a windows2k8 which will be used in the same way.
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we are on the same page.
oh ya, didn't think of iscsi, would rather not if I don't have to. but I have a feeling, I can't just call to a smb share because of file permissions.

any advice on this?
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