Why TCL exec chmod does not work?

From the command line, I could run the following commad without question:

chmod 755 <dir>/*

However, if I did the same thing via TCL/Expect

exec chmod 755 <dir>/*

I got the error as:

ERROR: chmod: WARNING: can't access <dir>/*

permission is not an issue. Feel like TCL does not recognize <dir> correctly.
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The exec command doesn't use a shell, so you have to invoke a shell:

 tclsh % exec /bin/sh -c "chmod 755 <dir>/*"

The -c switch just means treat the following as a string. That way /bin/sh knows what you want. There are other methods also, but this one works closest to how you want it to work.
% file attributes foobar -permissions 0755;

changing attribs is the same as using file.. man "file" and have a look at the -permissions argument :)
gs_kanataAuthor Commented:
file attributes does not work multiple files under certain directory in TCL language.

file attributes foodir/* -permissions 0755

will get

could not set permissions for file "foodir/*": no such file or directory
is this a specific directory? or all?
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