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Hello Experts,

We had sent the bluk emails to 1852 recipients and got the 200 bounce emails with below error message:

Remote host said: 601 Failed to connect to the recipients mail server. No MX records were found for the 'domain name' domain.

Please help us to solve this issue.

Many thanks
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It appears that what the issue is, is the email addresses of those 200 in question bounced due to the fact that the server they were supposed to go to don't have a corresponding MX record.

This ISN'T your issue, this is theirs.

Another reason for this could be how some anti-spam servers "bounce" mail back. They often try and mislead people into believing that either recipients or the email servers no longer exist.

The best way to send bulk email in this form (and I don't condone spam, so please don't.. please ensure they are willing recipients):

1) From your favourite email client, i.e. from an email address at the organisation the email is coming from. Create a new message.
2) in the BCC: line, place in 20 recipients (of the 200)
3) in the TO: line, place in '". THis way, you'll receive the message at least once per run
4) Send the message

Repeat this.

If you are using a BULK email server i.e. a third party server which has NOTHING to do with your own companies email server, make sure that:

1) That the server has corresponding MX records
2) That the server has corresponding PTR records
3) That the server has the corresponding SPF records

For information on the above:


Using these 3 together above will tell anti-spam filters that:

1) MX: That the bulk mail server is a valid mail exchanger for your own domain name
2) PTR: That the server address bulk corresponds to the IP address it was supposed to come from
3) SPF: Is a fairly new concept, but it defines rules as to how your companies domain & email work. i.e. which servers CAN and CAN'T send and receive mail, which IP Address blocks CAN and CAN'T send mail (amongst other things too).

Hope this helps.

Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Could you post any example, for which the email has not been delivered. I am sure that email address domain is invalid and doesn't have the MX records.

For example, there is not MX records for, let assume it is written that way by mistake, now when you try to send the email to you would get the same error.

To check whether a domain has MX records or not use the link below:

I hope that would help.


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dotsandcomsAuthor Commented:
Hi Sudeep,

i have checked the link which you gave and found that the domain was invalid. Now is there any webservice to check the mx records programmtically using ASP.NET, C#

Please let me know

Many thanks
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Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
why would you need the webservice to check the MX?

can't you use windows command line tool nslookup

nslookup -type-mx

you can use
dotsandcomsAuthor Commented:
Hi Sudeep,

i need the webservice so that i can integrate it into my website in order to prevent such invalid domain email ids to be stored into the database.

Please provide the way

many thanks
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
I have already suggested


Can you integrate that? I am not sure how to do that?

dotsandcomsAuthor Commented:
good solution
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