Not able to connect Sqlserver database which is installed in another system by using SqlServer Management studio

Hi Experts,

I have installed SqlServer 2008 R2  in my laptop and have installed SqlServer 2008 R2 in another system (LAN). I want to access/view  Sqlserver database from my laptop.

 I want to view all databases, Sqlserver tables which is in another system by using Sqlserver management studio R2 Express which is in my laptop.

Can you help me step by step.

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Tapan PattanaikSenior EngineerAsked:
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AnujSQL Server DBACommented:
Assuming both the servers are installed in same domain

Enable TCP/IP on both servers -  Go to SQL Server configuration Manager(you can find this in start-> program files-> SQL Server 2008 R2), Expand SQL Server network configuration , Click Protocols for MSSQLSERVER , then enable TCP/IP on the right side tab. like wise you need to do the same for  SQL Server native client configuration also.
Do this at both the servers.

Allow Remote Connections.
run this at both servers
sp_configure 'remote access',1

Once the above steps are done, Connect to the server from your laptop using an account that have permission on the server. This account can be either windows account or sql account.

Tapan PattanaikSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
I have solved this issue by using this link. This link has actual answer to my question.

I want to give points to experts.
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