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Want to implement direct access  windows 7 feature  in our infrastructure.We got 2 SSL certs for this. One for and another one to use on the  direct access server.
We have very basic network with file server  as domain controller exchange server and a couple of application servers.

Whats are DNS records that I need to create on the public and internal DNS.
When using Public SSL certs do I still need to configure internal CA.
What ports need to opened on the firewall.
Any direct  access implementation guide (Not from Microsoft)

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Malli BoppeAsked:
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network config on the UAG server possibly

you should have external facing NIC's with default gateways but no DNS and internal NIC's with no default gateways but DNS and by the looks of it they are trying to use IPv6 DNS
do you have IPV6 running internally?
if so check the DNS servers to see if they are listening on the IPV6 ports
Dhiraj MuthaLevel DCommented:
Simplify Active Directory Administration

Administration of Active Directory does not have to be hard.  Too often what should be a simple task is made more difficult than it needs to be.The solution?  Hyena from SystemTools Software.  With ease-of-use as well as powerful importing and bulk updating capabilities.

as indicated by irweazelwallis also has firewall info with port requirements.

Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
thnaks guys will check and let you know.
Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
Any idea why I would be getting the attached DNS error message.
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