Working With Hardware Raids


Someones going to laugh at me for this question but I'm confused.

I have a hardware raid. with 4 2 tb dirves.
I am going to do an 8 gig raid 5.

My Bios is not EFI so I ned to do 2 partition.

Boot Partition: 200 GIg
Data Partition: 5.8 tb

ok, so this is where I get confused.

In the raid controller bios, do I

1) Create a raid 5 with 200 gb volume
2) Create a raid 5 with a 5.8 tb volume

Or do I create a Volume of 8 tb
and then create the 2tb raid 5's

Any help appreciated

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You need to create a RAID container of 200 GB and then you should be able to create a RAID container with the rest of the space.  This CAN depend on the RAID controller you use - some may not permit multiple containers.  Each container gets seen as a separate drive and Windows should be ok with that.  If you create just one container, then Windows sees it as one 6 TB drive and has a problem because you don't have an EFI BIOS.
TheWebGuy38Author Commented:

I think I was getting confused because when I go to create an array, it has an option to create a volume.
Which is a simple volume or jbod

but what's weird is. I had 4 x 250 gig drives and I created 2 arrays which were  both raid 5.

but what's weird is, once I put in the 4 x 2tb drives. I now create array 1, any size and it works,
but when I create array 2, it says
either too many arrays, or no space left.

What controller have you got?
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TheWebGuy38Author Commented:
adaptec 3405,

I updated the firmware. now everything works fine.
I guess I was doing it right to begin with. But had nevre done it before so was a little confused.

Once I updated the firmware. walla, worked no problem

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If your OS is not 64-bit, it will not recognize volumes larger than 2TB.  You can create RAID arrays which have more than one volume to get around this.
That's not quite right, as far as Windows is concerned anything past 2003 SP1 32 bit supports GPT and disks greater than 2TiB, but they say it was a firmware problem anyway.
You're right - I was thinking of the case where you boot from the drive.
TheWebGuy38Author Commented:
My answer was the solution
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