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hi there

we run an small business server 2003 with exchange.
i see that under the PF/Exchsrvr/MDBData folder there are thousands of Text Files with names like E000199 and so on all being like 5Meg in size. this is taking up more than 40gigs of HDD space.

is it safe to delete these files? why are they there and can one not maintain this folder somehow?
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They are the transaction log files for the database, they hold details of all transactions the exchange server processes till the database has been backed up, at which point the exchange server comits the data in the log files to the database and deletes them. The fact you have a large number of files suggests you are not backing up the Exchange database as it's only after the database has been backed up that the logs get truncated.

If you delete them now, you might not be able to mount the database and you would have to perfom a hard recovery which loses data.

Check you backups are working or manually perform a backup using ntbackup of the exchange information store, when exchange runs its maintenance cycle during the evening, the log files will go.
Well said Radweld.

You need to perform a full backup and flush the logs.
It appears you never did a full backup of your Exchange database.

You can do a full backup here with ntbackup, just ensure you do a full backup and flush the logs.

Otherwise you'd need a exchange-aware backup solution - like Backupexec.
stevenvanheerdenAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your help
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