has google changed its algorithm in last 15 days?


has google changed its algorithm in last 15 days?
Via Google i used to get 1000 hits daily to my site and now not even 25%
does anyone have a clue

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bsharath - Google released its latest in its Panda algorithm updates on September 28th, about 15 days ago.  I wrote an article on this release, called Panda2.5.


Other search engine websites also covered this -


This latest Panda release is in a series that started in February 2011.  If you take a look at my original article on Experts Exchange or look on searchengineland or other search engine websites you can find out more information.


Let me know if you'd like more details.
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
I saw a small informational site get hit quite hard on the 1st October.

Matt Cutts also tweeted a warning about upcoming changes:

Weather report: expect some Panda-related flux in the next few weeks, but will have less impact than previous updates (~2%).

bsharathAuthor Commented:
I have a question. Say Google scans this particular question and it has Original work 100% Plagiarism free and some answers thats copied from other sites. Then what would Google do? Rank it or reject it?

Say Site has 50% original work and 50 copied will it rate the site well?

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bsharath - It is hard to know exactly where to draw the line that you are talking about in terms of original content.
I do know that it depends on the type of website you are referring to.
If it is a shopping website and there are some duplicated technical specifications, that would be OK and expected.

However, I'm sure that there is an algorithmic percentage where Google looks at the website and compares it to a "canonical" website, and de-emphasizes the website that it thinks is copying too much information versus the website that it thinks is the original publisher.

If your website went down 95% plus in Google referrals, then I would start to think that the website that you are referring to that has answers from other sites had a penalty from Google for taking content, and that it was a manually applied penalty.

At an 80% reduction, my (educated) guess is that it is an algorithmic penalty, and that the content on your website went over an acceptable level of duplicitiveness and Google applied a algorithmic penalty to your entire website that affects all your pages, but is not a more severe manual "ban".
bsharathAuthor Commented:
Ok say a site like experts-exchange have 50% original content and 50% referral content or copied from other sites. How does Google decide on sites like this

Some experts just get data from other sites and paste here. How can Google decide such situations as thats not wrong for a site like this?
Google takes into account a particular website's "brand" and type of website that it is.
Because Experts Exchange has been around since 1996, and Google understand the user-generated-content type of website that EE is, and treats it accordingly.

The moderators on Experts Exchange make sure that there isn't content that is plagiarized from other websites, and copyright owners have the ability to request takedowns on Experts Exchange if they own material and it has been posted without attribution.  So, the content that is on Experts Exchange probably doesn't cause issues with Google (or Bing) in terms of originality.

Google's Panda update that I referenced above has started to rank sites based on user feedback signals that they get from google.com including click-through-rates to organic search results, and your time on a website after clicking through (they can get this from their Chrome browser and from Android usage).

You need to look in your website analytics to look at the bounce rate (users viewing only 1 page and "bouncing" back to the Google search page) and look in your Google Webmaster Tools for your click-through-rate from the Google results page.

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