rename network drives Citrix

I'm having issues renaming drives in citrix. (citrix.bat)
The error is;
system error 85 has occured
The local device name is already in use

I'm using the script:
NET USE E: \\xxxxxx\x1

Windows server 2003
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If E is already in use by a network drive, try this

If exist e: net use e: /d /y
NET USE E: \\xxxxxx\x1


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If might be easier to use letters further up the alphabet and start from Z  Y X etc as windows assigns the drive letters alphabetically and that way you will have less chance of problems with machines with extra drives/partitions etc.
This should help. Add one more line above that.

NET USE E: /delete
NET USE E: \\xxxxxx\x1

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kwok76_ukAuthor Commented:
that worked for me, thanks
@Basraj add /y after /d so the script wont ask for confirmation if a file is actually opened.
It's wise to avoid error messages by testing if E exists before removing it.

Another note: E can be a local drive, to test if E is a network drive, the script can be modified like this:

@echo off
(net use |find /i "E:">NUL) && goto AlreadyMapped
(mountvol |find /i "E:">NUL) && goto Local
echo "No E drive found"
Goto MapDrive
If exist E: net use E: /d /y
NET USE E: \\xxxxxx\x1
Goto Finish
echo The E:\ Drive is a local drive (Hard Drive, USB, Card ...)"

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