Which is the best laptop to buy for a small company?

I'm considering buying a new laptop as my current laptop only has an Intel Celeron M processor so I need something faster.

The most important for me is that it's reasonably fast (not for playing games, only for researching on internet, for running a lot of software simultaneously such as translation software and electronic dictionaries and for office tasks such as bookkeeping). And also that it's stable and I can have a lot of different programs installed. Sound should also be pretty good, and the keyboard should be comfortable. Furthermore, very important is absolutely no problem with CPU.

Some laptop brands and models I'm considering are these:

Sony Vaio EB 15", Toshiba Satellite Pro L670 17", Sony Vaio VPCS111fm/s.

Anyone of those that has problems with CPU?

Also, one more thing that's really important for me is perfect and stable internet connectivity, both wired and Wi-Fi. The old laptop I use now (HP Compaq nx7300) doesn't work very well with Wi-Fi but perhaps most new laptops will have no such problems, or?
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I'd get a Lenovo. They are robust and built for Corporate use, and they have good service. Toshiba of course is good too.

Never buy Sony (not for a company and not for private either, they are terrible).
go for Lenovo z570 2nd gen i5 processor with 15.6' screen, i am using it for 4 months, its really good and cool, comes with 3 years warranty.

I have to agree with the above comments.  From a reseller point of view I prefer to sell Lenovo laptops as they don't come back faulty and therefore increase my profit margin.  No good for gaming, superb for business.
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karllangstonSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
I agree that you should stay clear of Sony but I can not recommend Toshiba either as the three that I have had all had issues. I have an old Compaq that I keep in the trunk that is for emergencies that just keeps on working.  I have three Samsungs now and they all seem to perform fairly well so would have no problem recommending them either.  
toshiba laptops are working horses
but i dont like it cuz i am in laptop repair line rarely i see one
i like acer cuz it goes bad more often
Computer GuyCommented:
Personally I like Dell. People have mixed opinions on every brand out there.

One thing I do to "any & every" computer I buy, is to reinstall the OS, and only the software I need, which will bring your speed up quite a bit. Plus, that way you don't get any of the crap software the manufacturer puts on it.

Dell is noted for putting McAfee on all of their computers out of the box. I've tested and things run a lot faster with McAfee not on the computer.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
A preference question like this will get you a dozen answers... and few (if any) will match.  For example:

I would never buy a Sony - too expensive (less than a Mac, but unnecessarily expensive) and their support has (historically for me) stunk.

I've got an Acer laptop I just bought - it seems to work nicely... but it's 2 weeks old.

I've got an HP laptop and it's horrible.

I've got a Toshiba netbook that's worked great for the 2 years I've had it.  Not a powerhouse, but reliable with a LONG battery life.

And I've got and used Dell Latitude laptops - these are BUSINESS class laptops.  They are more expensive than consumer laptops but are, in my opinion, more reliable and have better service.

Bottom line when getting a laptop is (in my opinion) buy from a MAJOR brand with GOOD support.  For my clients, I only get Dell Latitudes (though I don't necessarily have objections to Lenovo or Toshiba).  But remember EVERYONE will products that fail and EVERYONE will make products that work flawlessly.  You are trying to reduce the odds of you getting a failure.  To me, that's using a Dell Latitude (or workstation laptop; NOT INSPIRON).  

And though it costs more, if you get something expensive, make sure you get a 3 year warranty and accidental damage protection.  These devices travel (that's generally the point) - the more you move them, the more likely they are to have issues.  Such a warranty means you are not paying for inevitable problems.
As Leew said, it is a preference question that you are asking, so there is no real RIGHT or WRONG answer.  It is all based on your personal preference on tech and companies needs and money constraints.

Personally with what you had displayed I'd personally probably go with none of them.  Also as Leew said, Sony is rather over priced and if you are going with them it is understanable to just go with a Mac.  The thing is for what you want to do any $500 laptop really can manager the job.

Really, you just have to think what you want and what works for you. I am a Tech/report writer/SQL coder, I had a 17inch blu ray, Wifi N, bluetooth laptop that could run even newer games out now.  For internet surfing, office work, some music, and maybe a few small browser based games, I was wasting its life away.  Downside was it was heavier, pain to carry around in small places where there was limited space, and that large with that much stuff I was always turning things on and off to save battery life between plug ins.  When I saw the Tablets coming out I decided i'd try converting myself to a smaller screen and make myself more mobile.  Got a Dell 1018 netbook with 2GB of ram, 250GB hard drive, and a 4 hour battery life and let me tell you it is nice.  I'll get the new versions that the screen rotates into a tablet instead of getting just a tablet come the new year because it'd be nice to have something to read documents on and not have two seperate systems.

Good luck with finding what you want.
dont get a screen less than 15 it hurts eyes
It depends on the cash you have to spare.

If you got more cash, go for Sony.
If you want reliability with excellent after sales service with a great value for the price you pay - Dell is the answer.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
What do you think about these options?:

Dell Latitude E6520
Lenovo z570 (your suggestion, chandrasekar1)
Toshiba Portege R830

My HP Compaq that I've had for a long time is really a nice companion, the only fault is the age, Intel Celeron (CPU-problems) and the Wi-Fi connection. I could consider another version of a business HP Compaq model as well. But above three models is what I'm considering today.

What I really liked with Dell Latitude E6520 was that the CPU load is best possible. I need that because I'll run a lot of programs simultaneously as well as run a VPN in OpenVPN mode (which is very heavy on the CPU).

A comfortable keyboard is also very important for me.
first of all its depends on your budget,

1. if you have less budget, then go for Lenovo z  (comes with glossy screen) or v series or Dell vostro 3550 (comes with matt finish screen) these laps are basically for personal + small business needs, Dell vostro 3550 professional design, easy to carry and produce bit more heat, but never let the components to damage, Lenovo z570 performance wise too good and design is good but not very professional.  

2. if your budget is more with docking port, better battery backup and solid laps, go for Dell Latitude or Lenovo ThinkPad T series, no anyother laptops stand against it, i used both Latitude and Think pad for few years
    Dell Latitude - Well designed, easily portable, touch pad and joystick is smooth, very convenient to use.
    Lenevo T Thinkpad - very solid, rough design, some what difficult to carry, water proof keypad

one more important aspect, about the screen, go for matt finish, it really good for outdoor use
Dell vostro, Latitude and Lenovo thinkpad all are come with matt finish.

its good to buy any of the below laps

Business class and Expensive
Dell Latitude E6520
Lenovo Thinkpad T420/T520

Budget Laps
Lenovo z570
Dell vostro 3550

Dont buy
HP, Acer
i am not make you to so confused by again giving some choices, because i done 2 moths of review and  analysed about various models of laps in net, before buying a lap, due to budget i bought Z570, so decide yourself, which one is perfectly fit for your needs.
I have been using Dell latitude for last 2 years without any problems. If you have got the bucks, go for Dell, the value you get is simply awesome and it is a great laptop for personal use as well.
Also, if you have to have the best configuration because of a lot of parallel processing that your machine has to do, Dell will top all and has a very good keyboard as well.

However, if you want a somewhat cheaper option, I'll still stick with Dell Vostro line of laptops. Also, dell is giving a discount currently on the Vostro with i5 and i7 processors, so you got to check that ASAP. Try using "dealply.com".

One of the best part is again the after sales service of Dell (be it India or USA).

I am not a fan of Lenovo because of the troubles after sales executives can cause in case of major issues with Laptop (two of my close friends had similar experiences) and will never advice to go for that.
And yes, I forgot to add something.
Also, if you know a Dell Employee, do check for DELL EPP (Employee Purchase Program) and you can get discounts ranging from 8 to 15% on Dell Laptops if your purchase through them. The best part is you pay using your credit card and never face any problems with after sales service (or warranty) after buying laptop in dell employees name.
Also, if you do decide to go with EPP (or even if not), make sure you get Dell Complete Cover for Dell laptop - makes your life very easy and that is discounted quite a bit for Dell employees.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
I found this excellent site where I could configure the setup for Dell Latitude E6520:


Will I make it with the standard configuration alternatives (which will not be so expensive)?

It completely depends on the package you want to go for. In my opinion, standard configuration of Dell Latitude 6520 is pretty good and in normal scenarios, you won't need to upgrade to a higher processor etc. You may like to add some goodies such as a laptop bag etc. (if you don't have one) or Bluetooth headphones etc. if those are being provided by Dell.
I believe in your case 3 year complete cover is already added. Please do confirm.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
I run into trouble with my old HP Compaq now as something in the hardware must have gotten damaged, so I have to buy a cheap laptop at once here in China. Probably I'll go for a Lenovo ThinkPad E420 (can get it for around $500). How about CPU on that compared to Dell Latitude 6520? Will I be able to run a lot of programs simultaneously without CPU running up to 100 %? I know another Lenovo ThinkPad has CPU-troubles, that's why I'm asking.

You can choose between 2 CPU's on that model, but either will be good choices. The RAM is usually more important when running multiple apps simultaneously, but I see that that notebook comes with 4GB which usually also is fine.
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