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Sorting on Report

I have a query that is the datasource for a report.  When I run the query and look at the data the criteria to sort by Payment (descending).  When I run the report, it's sorted alphabetically by person's last name and doesn't sort by Payment.  See screenshots.  

The button that calls the report is very simple:

    Dim stDocName As String

    stDocName = "rptRegistration"
    DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acPreview

I also checked to make sure the Report doesn't have code on the OnLoad that would sort.

Where else could I look to find filters that would be overiding my report sort order?

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1 Solution
Reports have a seperate Sorting and Grouping feature that may appear to override the ordering in your query.

I would check there...
You can get to that feature by right-clicking the little grey square in the upper left hand corner of your report in design view, and selecting 'Sorting and Grouping'.
gcgcitAuthor Commented:
You're a genius thanks... that's exactly where it was.  The person who originally made the report sorted by last name in there!
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:

 Just as an add on comment, reports by design ignore any sorting in the data they are based on as they need to control that in order to do things like group levels and totaling.

  They could not provide those features if they relied on the underlying datasource to do the sorting.

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