Access Old Program in Presentation 4.5 from XenApp6

I'm moving to XenApp6 from Presentation Server 4.5 and using Windows Receiver 3.0 as the client. I have only applicatoin my old Citrix Farm that wil not work in my new enviroment . This application is slate to go away though in the next year. In the mean time I need to see if there is a why for me to allow users to access this old application from the new XenApp farm. I tried to install the old Citrix client but since I already have Window Receiver installed it wanted to downgread it which I didn't want to do.

please Help
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Add the old farm to your web interface site.  Users will see the old app when they logon to the WI site.

Click your WI Site from the WI Mgmt Console
Click Farm Settings
add your farm's XML Broker and XML Port
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