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Structure or Chapters for "creating a web page"

Hello Experts,

Ive been assigned the task of creating a course named "Developing web pages" for people with no to very little IT knowledge.

I am having difficulties defining the the chapters / structure of this course.

I've been browsing chapters of various books about this, but would really like to get your input on: structure / chapters.

Thanks so much!
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daniel_spiriAuthor Commented:
I will basically start with an introduction on:


What is the Internet
How do we access the Internet
What is a web page
Next I need to define chapters for the actual creating of a web page.
Well... it mostly depends on how deep you want to dive into the web development sea.

We usually think it's something "trivial" or "lesser" on IT development, but this is very far from truth.

I recommend you at least to dedicate some effor to this:

-Basics of HTML (with a brief look at HTML5, the future of the web).
-Forms and data sending through a webpage.
-Javascript and client scripting
-Server scripting (focused on php or asp as simple example languages)
-Accessibility and Usability
-Security on the web.

Also, a brief chapter into database management and data mining could be an extra.
daniel_spiriAuthor Commented:
That's what I was thinking of in the begging but then I got instructions this should evolve only around HTML, no other scripting involved.

I was thinking something in the lines of creating an outline for "structure of a web page".
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Then you can extend HTML chapter into more depth.

- Text markup
- Content semanthic.
- Designing with DIVs
- Do's and dont's on web design
- Forms and data sending
- Maybe a bit of CSS styling?
Keep in mind that, according to your definition, these are folks who have little to no IT background.  So if this course is to be of any use to them at all, it must be very simple, very basic.  

Starting witt your outline:
What is the Internet
How do we access the Internet
* Difference between Internet and WWW - this is often a point of confusion
* Addition of www
What is a web page
* What are tags
* What do they look like
* Where did they come from
--Who defines them
--How are they defined (DTD)

Then add:
Anatomy of a web page - Hello World!
* DOCTYPE declaration, including just a very very little about languages, character sets, etc
* How to write comments
<title> and other things that go in a <head> tag
</head> and the importance of closing tags
Hello world on several lines, in different colors and sizes, which allows you to discuss
<br /> and <p /> and introduce some limited inline styling.  I wouldn't get into full css at this time, it's too much for them to handle this early.  But you can tell them a little about colors.
<img> - add a photo

You don't say if this is to be hands-on and also how many days you have for the course, but I think it would be ideal if they were allowed to write their own expansion on Hello World before they go on.  Maybe they have to write a web page for their family (Hello Family) or their team (Hello Team), using their own photo or some photo stock that you provide.

if you do that, it will probably be plenty for day 1, between questions during the class and getting their Hello Family/Hello Team page built.  

If you have a day two, I would discuss, in this order:
<a> - including a few error messages (e.g., 404) and where they come from
<form>, including the usual "enter your name" in a form, pick your favorite color from a dropdown, etc
<table>, <td>, <tr>, <th>, etc
But also
* take this opportunity to describe the historic use of table for structure
* talk about different browsers and their support - or lack thereof - of standards (which is
why tables used to be used for structure)
* this gives you a lead in to talk about <div>.  You could spend quite some time discussing <div>
At this point, I would give them another hands-on assignment.  It would probably be to add a link to the page they built on day one, to link to a new page they are building today.  They I would give them the choice to build a table or a couple of forms.

By the way, I would have them do the code in a plain text editor so they understand what is really happening.

After a break, you can talk a little about CSS, bulding on what they did earlier with inline styling, but I don't think I would make them write any actual CSS unless your class is going to be more than several days long.

This would also be an appropriate time to discuss how to make a page user-friendly and also what makes a page attractive.  Plus general web design best practices.  Then wrap up with the future and html5

That's probably enough for day 2.

Hope this helps!

daniel_spiriAuthor Commented:
Very very helpful, thank you ee_reach! That's actually what I started with, introduction into the Internet.

The students will follow this course online. It will span 2-3 months and will be split in modules (about 10), represented by the chapters.
Hi Daniel - Glad you liked it.  Am kind of curious why you didn't award me any points.  Not the end of the world if not, but It would have been nice to be thrown a bone at least, since my outline was there before you awarded the points.  :-)

In any case then if I were going to split it up into 10 modules, I would definitely hand out more modules and definitely hands-on work.  E.g., maybe add some exposure to an IDE once they understand the prinicpals.

Best wishes!

daniel_spiriAuthor Commented:
Actually I really wanted to give you the points, as that was the kind of answer I was hoping for.
But in reality I gave the points to the other guy, before you posted your answer, I'm sorry I didn't wait.
daniel_spiriAuthor Commented:
I will post another question, where I will show you guys my structure so far and ask for directions.
Waiting for your input there ;)
You can ask a moderator for reassign the points in the question if you think it should be awarded in a different way.

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