Can I use a V.92 dial up modem on the same telephone line that my ADSL2+ connection is on?

This is a pretty simple question but when I search the web all I can find is comparisons between dial up and broadband.

I have a client who has a system that is using an old V-92 dial up modem to make a connection to another system, and I was hoping I could put it on the same telephone line that my ADSL2+ connection is on.  I know you can make calls on the line and send faxes, I have just never tried an old fashioned modem on the same line.

If anyone could answer this and possibly point me to any references online I would be grateful.

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JacobfwCommented: (shows types of appliances that work with DSL line filters)
This should definitely be able to work.
The dial-up modem uses the analog mode (same as the telephone receiver) and as long as you are using the normal filters provided, the two can exist on the same line.
tonyperthAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought, but i can;t find anything to back that up online.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Yes, it should work.  You'll need to plug the modem into the same mux you use for your phone line, but it should work just fine.
tonyperthAuthor Commented:
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