How do I configure QoS setting on Adtran 4305 router

I would like to know if anyone knows EXACTLY how I should create QoS for the following scenario as it would need to be created via QoS mapping and then applied to the interface.

QOS Tagging is set as:
DiffServ               =             [34] Video
DiffSer                  =             [46] Audio & Data
IntServ                 =             [4] Video.
IntServ                 =             [5] Audio & Data
Note: Ensure that AF41 tagging is used on your router when enabling QoS for
video and that Expedited Forwarding is used for audio. LifeSize systems are
pre-configured with an AF41 tagging scheme for video and Expedited
Forwarding for audio.
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Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
qos map SomeName 20                                                                
  match ip rtp 10000 10050                                                      
  match dscp 46                                                          
  priority percent 70

interface ???                                                                
  qos-policy out SomeName                    

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marchopkinsAuthor Commented:
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