Thinking of scrapping WCF technology - Please advice

I have no doubt that WCF is a great piece of technology but it has caused nothing but headaches. I work as the sole developer for a non-profit. We outsourced a company to build a large application that required a team of developers nearly a year to code.  I am constantly running into WCF configuration issues. It seems as if there are all kinds of limitations on how much data you can pass through the WCF. Usually the problems can be resolved by adjusting certain settings to their maximum value. But what happens if you set everything to its maximum and it still doesn't work. I feel like I may be trying to fix something that can't be fixed because it's trying to do something that may not be possible.  

So now I'm thinking that anytime I have an issue related to WCF, I'm just going to re-write the page where the error occur to not to use WCF.  I could do this much quicker than debugging WCF issues. In a perfect world we would have half dozen developers. The reality is that we have one developer (me), this particular WCF issue I'm working on now has already set me back a week. That means all development within our non-profit has come to a halt and all of my development projects are now a week behind.

Has anybody experienced similar headaches with WCF, and if so how did you solve them?
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Snarf0001Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I feel your pain.  WCF can be massively convoluded and very poorly documented if you're trying to anything outside of MS specific documentation.  I've had countless headaches, as just about EVERYTHING i do with it is outside those docs.

That being said, once done it has completely saved a project on numerous occasion.  There are some very valuable parts, enough that I would not dismiss it even despite the headaches.
Large object transfer is always possible... a lot of WCF is defined that way to force you into more practical methods.  ie if you are transferring x million records of data for example, to use a streaming binding instead of a standard one, as the standard one would clog up memory on your server.

If you can give more details on what the problem is, can try to help.

PS, agree 100% with sonawanekiranDate, a lot of the time there's better logic than sending that much data at once.
Kiran SonawaneConnect With a Mentor Project LeadCommented:
Its really not recommend sending such large amounts of data through WCF services beyond setting the reader quotas at maximum. But if it's requirement then atleast you should have look at OData service which supports batch processing of requests.

Being able to send your entire database over the wire doesn't mean it's a good idea to actually do so :)
dmoss123Author Commented:
Snarf001,  I appreciate you asking for me details so you can help and for listening to me rant. I may post the details as a separate question on Experts-Exchange, if I do I will add the link here.  I will probably post a series of questions related to WCF once I get this page working.  Right now I have to get this web page working any way possible, and that means by-passing wcf for this one page.

dmoss123Author Commented:
I'm not quite ready to scrap WCF yet. Probably just need to lock myself in a room with some books for the next 12 hours. Thanks
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