Hi, Im trying to troubleshoot an SQL 2005 server which has sqlsrvr process @ 100%. Any Ideas?

Server 2003, Sql Server 2005 Process is constantly running @ 100%, and looking for some troubleshooting tips.  Thanks!
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LesterClaytonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Firstly, check to make sure you don't have the SQL Slammer virus on your machine.  Highly unlikely, but not impossible.

You will need to use SQL Server Management Studio - Log onto your SQL Server, and then expand "Management" and then double-click "Activity Monitor".

You will see a whole bunch of Processes.  Things which are "AWAITING COMMAND" can be ignored, but hopefully you will see which process is taking up all the CPU - what host is causing it, and if you double-click the whole line, it will show you the command.  You can also kill the process to ensure that the CPU drops down back to normal.  If new processes spawn, then you may need to block the database user temporarily, or even take the affected database offline so that it doesn't interfere with other operation.

SQL 2005 Activity Monitor
If you do not have SQL Server Management Studio installed, please install it.  For SQL Express, use the SQL Server Management Studio Express.
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