SQL 2000 Query syntax issues and joins

trying to update a field as shown below but got all my joins wrong in this syntax!!!

UPDATE    tbl_Inventory
SET              tbl_Inventory.Inventory_ManufacturerSN = 'test'
FROM         triscan_licencing.dbo.OdysseyPartsMasterView xx

                      tbl_Jobs ON tbl_Inventory.Inventory_ID = tbl_Jobs.Jobs_ParentInventoryID INNER JOIN
                      triscan_orders.dbo.tbl_OrderLines yy ON yy.OrderLines_ID = tbl_Inventory.Inventory_OrderLineId
WHERE     xx.PN = tbl_Inventory.Inventory_PartNumber AND (xx.version IS NOT NULL) AND inventory_ID = 118386 AND yy.Orderlines_Paid = 0
Chris MichalczukConsultantAsked:
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