Issue viewing PDFs in IE 9 64bit Windows 7

The issue I am experiencing is related to viewing PDF documents embedded in websites using IE 9 64bit. I have no problems viewing embedded PDFs in IE 9 32bit, I only see the issue in the 64bit version. IE 64bit doesn't even have Adobe listed in the add-ons list and acts like reader isn't even installed. Here is what I have tried so far (restarting pretty much after every step):

Removed Adobe Reader X and installed 9.4
Removed IE 9 and installed 8
Did a fresh install of IE 9 and a fresh install of reader 10
Installed PDF viewers other than Adobe Reader
Used regsvr32 to register the activex controls manually

I really don't know what else to try here, has anyone experienced this issue or have any suggestions?

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It's quite possible that there isn't an Adobe plugin to view PDF documents using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer.  Typically, that's why most of us recommend against using IE9 64-bit.  Even though they finally have a Flash plugin available, there are still far too many things that aren't fully supported in that version.

Unless you have a compelling need to use IE9 64-bit, I would stick with the 32-bit version.
Unfortuantely there are no versions of Acrobat compatible with 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer:
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ITNC--Click  on the embedded .pdf file, chose Save As, and try to open from saved file.
Ivano ViolaSystem AdministratorCommented:
You can change the setting in Adobe Acrobat Reader so that PDF files open in the program instead of the web browser.

Edit - Preferences - Internet
Uncheck: Display PDF in browser.

This will allow you to view PDFs using both browsers (32/64-bit).

ITNCAuthor Commented:
Not so much of a solution, more just an informative statement
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