MS Word 2007 Footer Incorrect For All Documents

Recently an end user has been experiencing an issue with MS Word.

The following has transpired:

The end user has numerous documents saved to a SharePoint server (MOSS 2007)
The user used Word 2007 and Word 2010 to edit and save these documents.
Recently the users machine was re-imaged.
Now when they open these documents the footer behaves differently.
Before the machine was re-imged, a 4 page document would say "Page 1 of 4, Page 2 of 4, Page 3 of 4, Page 4 of 4)
Now ALL documents say (Page 1 of 1, Page 2 of 4, Page 3 of 4, Page 4 of 4)

The issue is that the first page of all documents always says "Page 1 of 1."

I found that if I edit the footer and uncheck the box that says "Different first page," the problem is fixed.

HOWEVER, there are hundreds of documents, and the user cannot do this for every document.

Is there a global way to force the template to switch this setting for all documents using the .dotm template or some other method?

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There was a once a bug that affected that sort of thing, but I think it was fixed some time ago.

Is there a sample document that you can post here?
delmarvamonkeyAuthor Commented:
This is the template.  As you can see the file is seperated into two sections.  It says Page 1 of 1.
delmarvamonkeyAuthor Commented:
Sorry didn't attach properly.  Here it is:
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OK. It displays properly for me. It may be just a field updating problem, so just try Ctrl+A, Ctrl+F9 to update all fields.

If this doesn't help, the acid test of a Word document is, "how does it print?"; so how does it?
delmarvamonkeyAuthor Commented:
It displays properly when you edit the footer.  But when you save it and re-open it, it will revert back to page 1 of 1.

I am opening it with office word 2007 btw.
As a general rule, document fields must be explicitly updated to show the latest results.

When last updated, the { NUMPAGES } field in the first header seems to have returned 1, indicating that it was a single-page document at the time.

If you select all (Ctrl+A) and press F9 (not Ctrl+F9 as in my earlier comment), all the fields in the document will reflect the current  situation.

The {PAGE} field seems to keep itself up-to -date, probably as part of the repagination process.  This doesn't update the {NUMPAGES} though selecting the header View does the trick.
In my experiments, saving the document with the field updated does not cause it to revert to the original display.

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delmarvamonkeyAuthor Commented:
This turned out to be a real bug with word 2007 and 2010.  I got confirmation from Microsoft that this is indeed a  bug.  It may work with 2003.
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