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I have a client at the moment whereby their email is hosted by thirdparty. They are using POP3 through MS Outlook to access their emails.

The issue at the moment is they are experiencing high number of spam mails.

Is there a product on the market that you can purchase and be installed that will sit between your firewall and your LAN to filter those unwated emails?

Thanks heaps.
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
POP3 mail can only be filtered by means of an application on each client.  If you have an Exchange server, then you can install anti-spam software on there, but not if mail is dragged down by POP3 to the server.
sounds like they got on some kind of spam list, not much you can do
You can get the mails filtered through a hosted 3rd party, and then direct it to POP3
You have to make appropriate changes to your MX records
is this exchange 2007 or 2010, I just thought if you have 2010 you could implement a edge-transport server and configure a spam block list and enable ip reputation blocking.  I was thinking to about the above comment and filtering through some third-party service, but changing your mx records would mean all the traffic for your domain would be routed through them, and that could get costly.  correct me if I'm wrong.
mcse2007Author Commented:
thanks guys
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