Textbox contained within a frame taking focus

I have a VB form containing Textboxes both on the form and with a frame on the form.  The textboxes on the outside on the form follow the tab order set but after entering information in the last textbox outside the frame I want the next textbox within the frame to take the focus and it won't. even though I have code in the last textbox outside the frame to have the first textbox within the frame take the focus.
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gowflowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to set the tabindex property as follows
say you have
contains textbox1 textbox2 textbox3
contains textbox4 textbox5 textbox6
and on the form
textbox7 texbox8

and if you need them in the following sequence you will need to set their tabindex property as follows
Seq   control         tabindex
0       textbox7            0
1       textbox8            1
2       frame1              2
3       textbox1            0
4       textbox2           1
5       textbox3           2
6       frame2             3
7       textbox4          0
8       textbox5          1
9       textbox6          2

You don't need to set focus on any item when you hit tab or enter in a textbox it will move to the next items

Is the frame a different object model?
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