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i am looking for a backup software that will backup data from a network drive to another network drive. i want this software to run automatically at a specific time. also it has to copy only the changed or the new file

i forgot to say on windows

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murgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also it's not true that backupassist only does ntbackup style. It will do file sync, rsync, zip file creation, exchange db to .pst, sql and disk image backup. It is very flexible and that is why I use it. As a matter of fact I just installed it 15 minutes ago on a clients server and created a 1 to 1 file sync from their data server to the backup server. It sync'ed 3gb of data in about 1 minute.
I like this software because it's very flexible on how you can backup and to what. Download and install the full version demo.
GCI_SUPPORTAuthor Commented:
i watch some video but it same the data like ntbackup does. i just want to copy the file over a network drive without compressing
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Check out Todo Backup by EASEUS:

It has an integrated scheduler, does incremental and differential backups, and support network drives:

And best of all: it comes in several versions, one of which is even free and may suffice for your needs.
Try crashplan.  It's free to use when backing up files from one device to another and it can handle multiple O/S's.
Microsoft Robocopy could work for you...
Yeah if you just want a copy program , robocopy is perfect. Its free but you will have to find a script that works for your situation.
You can install acronis on a machine
Define the tasks and folders
Whenever you want to run the backup
When you want to run it
What data you want
and the destination
You can even use the feature of incremental backups if you think that the full backup would consume your network bandwidth
GCI_SUPPORTAuthor Commented:
do i have to install something (backup server and outside server )for rsync

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