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Hello Everyone,

I have file server (Server 2003) that I'm having issues with opening shared files. When I double click a file that is within a shared file it prompts me "Access is denied." The strange part is that I'm the Domain Enterprise Admin and also a Domain Admin. Also checked the security properties for that file and I'm listed to have full access. I updated the server and restarted it with no luck fixing this issue. Please can anyone guide me for a solution for this issue.

Thank you.
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I'd run a CHKDSK on the drive, I'd be willing to bet that the drive does not have valid security descriptors, which is one of the items that chkdsk will check.

I usually invoke it from the command prompt "CHKDSK /F C:" (or whatever drive letter), then give it permission to perform the check on reboot.
Take ownership of parent folder and then inherit down - then add yourself to security tab with full control and inherit down - you should then be able to access
RickvoyageAuthor Commented:
It seems to work but a few files within the parent folder prompts me "You do not have permissions to view or edit the current permission settings for Detention Log, but you can take ownership or change auditing settings." this happens when I click the Security Tab under the folder properties.

Thank you.
Premkumar YogeswaranAnalyst II - System AdministratorCommented:

It seems to be someone removed the Domain admins group from the folder security permission.

Take the owner ship of the folder, and give share permission full access for the domain admins.

SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
It seems that the permission is not inherited properly.
By taking ownership, did you also set the option replace owner on subcontainers and objects?

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