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I have a commandlet called Log-Registrar and I am not sure where this is located on the server machine I am using.  If I type log-r then press tab it will auto complete.  How can I find the file that contains this command?
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Brent ChallisConnect With a Mentor Principal: ITCommented:
As an enhancement of my previous comment:

If you run the attached code in the PowerShell_ISE editor it will load all the currently active profiles.  You can then search the files for the declaration of the cmdlet.  If looking for 'Log-Registrar', or better 'function Log-Registrar' doesn't find anything you will need to look for Import-Module statements and perhaps Add-PSSnapin as these comdlets are other ways of adding functionality.

if (Test-Path $PROFILE.CurrentUserAllHosts)
    $psise.CurrentPowerShellTab.Files.Add($PROFILE.CurrentUserAllHosts) | Out-Null

if (Test-Path $PROFILE.CurrentUserCurrentHost)
    $psise.CurrentPowerShellTab.Files.Add($PROFILE.CurrentUserCurrentHost) | Out-Null

if (Test-Path $PROFILE.AllUsersAllHosts)
    $psise.CurrentPowerShellTab.Files.Add($PROFILE.AllUsersAllHosts) | Out-Null
if (Test-Path $PROFILE.AllUsersCurrentHost)
    $psise.CurrentPowerShellTab.Files.Add($PROFILE.AllUsersCurrentHost) | Out-Null

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There are no commands in powershell or the Quest snapin that match that.
Could it be a function added to your profile?
Dale HarrisProfessional Services EngineerCommented:
Type into your Powershell console the following:

Notepad $profile

and see if it's built in like LindyS is saying.

Brent ChallisPrincipal: ITCommented:
If you run the following code you will get a list of all the profiles that are currently active as there are 4 possibilities.

The cmdlet you are looking for should be in one of the files listed.

Bear in mind, though, if there is an Import-Module cmdlet in any profile file, the cmdlet could be in the files in the module.
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