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We are in the infancy stage of a new project to develop a simple App that we will distribute on a CD to clients. For the most part the entire goal here is to sned our clients the requested PDF documents and a couple TXT documents. We would like to give them these documents in a presentable, well-organized way. That is the goal of this App.

We would like this to be a universal product, meaning, the App can work on any computer once they insert the CD.

Please advise what platform to use, what language to use, and any other suggestions you might think of.
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You'll probably find that you can create a reasonably good presentation using software like Photodex - and it will create executable for you so you can send to your clients on CD or other media.

Adobe Flash also has the ability to compile sequences into Flash content, which is highly configurable and portable - with Flash being supported in both Mac's and PC's.

If you are however looking for a programming language where you can do this all yourself, I would have to recommend Delphi XE2.  It can create native Win32, Win64 and Apple Mac applications, using the pascal language, and FireMonkey controls.  I myself use Delphi XE2 to write Windows applications, which are able to run on any machine without requiring installing prerequisites.

Delphi XE2 can also let you write iPad and iPhone applications.

I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies or products mentioned here, despite it sounding like a sales speech :)
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