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Wireless Lan Fast, Wired Internet Fast, Wireless Internet Slow

OK, here's the weirdness I'm experiencing: wireless to LAN speeds seem fast, wired Internet speeds seem fast, wireless Internet speeds are slow for two Windows XP Toshiba laptops.

Other wireless laptops (Windows 7, FYI) have no problem speed testing up to the full 7-8 Megabits of Internet bandwidth but these two Toshiba laptops can never test above 3.25 Mbps or so.  If I wire them directly to the router they test up to the full 7-8 Mbps.  I've also tested transferring files from a server on the LAN to the laptops and I got around 14Mbps (which is acceptable for 54 Mbps wireless with encryption) so I know the wireless devices are capable of those speeds.

I've tried bypassing the on-board wireless and using a 'N' mode USB network adapter connecting at 130 Mbps and still get the slow Internet speeds.

I've tried switching between WEP and WPA as well as swapping the original 'G' mode router for an 'N' mode router and trying various channels.

I've also tried disabling all firewalls and AV on the laptops to no avail.

I'm really scratching my head on this one now after everything I've tried.  Ideas?
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1 Solution
Check dns, turn off av,, I had issues with toshiba and mcafee I switched off mcafee and tested using firefox and found it faster. boot safemode with networking as a test
kcorbinakcAuthor Commented:
As stated, I've tried it with AV and firewalls off with no change.  DNS is functioning and wouldn't be the issue as it's existing transfers that are slow, not connection starts.  I'll try safemode just to see if that makes a difference.
have you tried a different Browser like Google Chrome? Maybe there is something wrong with IE.
kcorbinakcAuthor Commented:
OK, I had a chance to get on-site and run some more tests with some interesting results:
Windows Safe Mode made no difference; I still got no more than 3.8 Mbps
IE in Vista on a different laptop gave me the full 8-9 Mbps
Google Chrome gives me the full 8-9 Mbps
Seamonkey (Mozilla based browser) gives me 3.8 Mbps

So, it appears primarily a problem with IE in XP on Toshiba?  Seamonkey is probably just slow in itself.

kcorbinakcAuthor Commented:
No actual resolution figured out.

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