CRM 2011 Workflow Email Issue

I have setup a workflow to send an email to the address on a particular account record. Whenever I run the workflow, in the System Jobs list, it remains in "Waiting" status and gives the following error message, "You cannot send an e-mail as the selected user. The selected user has not allow this or you do not have sufficient privileges to do so. Contact your system administrator for assistance."

What needs to be done to resolve this issue?
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regevhaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to use mail accounts of users without sys admin privileges
Chinmay PatelConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
Hi rdracer58,

Could you tell me under which security role this user falls? There is a possibility you are trying to send a mail on behalf of a user and you dont have SendAsUser privilege OR a user doesn't have privilege on email entity itself.

regevhaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The workflow tries to send the email in the name of the owner of the task.

You should enable the following setting "Allow other Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to send E-mail on your behalf" setting in the "Set Personal Options"

Attached screen capture Dynamics CRM Screen capture
rdracer58Author Commented:
The "From" field of the email in the workflow has been set to the system administration. The owner of the process, my account, is also has system administrator privileges. Per regehva's advice, I set the correct settings under personal options on my account.

However, I am still experiencing the same issue when trying to send emails using the workflow. Ideas?
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