BES Express Service Continuity

I have a secondary site for hosting email service and my users are very fond of thier blackberry devices so I need to provide BES continuity without having to re-register the handheld devices. Does someone know of documentation or has implimented a continuity plan for blackberry express server?
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Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

For seamless failover, look at something like Double-Take.

For a less costly approach, you could commission a separate BES domain at your resilient site and use Enterprise transporter to migrate users between both environments - it would require both to be active, however.


ScooterOcAuthor Commented:
Thank you, thought this was the solution
ScooterOcAuthor Commented:
The solution to replicate the server appears to be best but I am curious how the transporter tool could be used to provide continuity if i cannot access the primary site. Doesn't this tool need connectivity to both domain servers and doesn't it also move the device? Basically, question is how would the stand-by site be prepared for fail-over without affecting domain in primary site ?

Thank you for helping!
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