Run mysql query from two tables

I am trying to create a report but having some issues, I need to pull a from a department column in one table and then take those results and use the login column from that to search in the second table. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
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Kevin CrossConnect With a Mentor Chief Technology OfficerCommented:
As stated above, it sounds like you want a JOIN.

SELECT a.asset, a.asignedto
FROM atsassets a
JOIN atsusers u ON u.login = a.asignedto
WHERE u.department = 'departement you want to search'

Giovanni HewardCommented:
You'll need to use a JOIN statement... example:

select * from `db`.`login_table` l
join `db`.`department_table` d on d.`id`=l.`dept_id`;

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maximus81Author Commented:
So what would that look like with this information.

Database ATS

Table - atsusers - Colunms - department, login
Table - atsassets - Colunms - asset, asignedto

I want to display the asset name from atsassets and would like to search using the department, this would give me all the logins from atsusers table, next I want to search the atsassets asignedto colunm using the logins from atsusers. This is so confusing.
maximus81Author Commented:
Thank you so much, you have saved me hours of trying to figure this out.
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