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just started working in this environment. There is one SQL Server (2005) and there are about 20 client databases on that server (they're all same version and identical structure).

I am asked to program websites for those clients and I see it's many times the same query I write (text query in VS2008 since I don't have access to the client databases and can use no sprocs or views to each individual database).

What would be some of the options I have to create an "in between" layer. Not sure what the terminology is here. Just trying to get some feedback for some idea's.

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Kevin CrossConnect With a Mentor Chief Technology OfficerCommented:
You could create a Library project that contains the Data Access Layer. For .NET, there is now LINQ-To-SQL that is popular to use. But main thing here is you are actually wanting to plug and play the queries and just have each project specify its database connection string separately. Just my $0.02 at least.
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