2 DSL WAN to single Sonicwall TZ100 and one LAN

I have a client that has 2 DSL lines in their building. 1 of them is for a direct connection to a government agency (gov't also owns that connection) which only allows certain traffic through (i.e. port 80 is blocked). The other is owned by the client.They have a Sonicwall TZ100 wireless. The wireless does not reach all of the building, so they use the wired connection. Currently Only the government WAN port in active since they just now blocked port 80.

My question is; Is there a way to configure a 2nd WAN port and tell WAN1 to forward all traffic to WAN2 that is not port xxxx and tell WAN2 to block all traffic that goes to the gov't DSL?

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Yes you can configure an unused interface as a second WAN and accomplish what you want with route entries and firewall rules.
To followup with crouthamela's comment, here are the steps to do that.

STS-TechAuthor Commented:
Very Good information, thank you both.

I am understanding the procedure pretty well, i have a few more questions though.

Lets say i set up WAN 1 to be the internet connection, and WAN 2 to the government line. What would be the best way to send all traffic from port XXXX from WAN 1 to WAN 2?

Would it just be blocking it on WAN1 and setting a Failover to WAN 2?
What does port 'xxxx' represent, HTTP, HTTPS? When you say failover, that says to me that WAN1 would have to go down. If that's what you are referring to, then you really only need to configure failover. When WAN1 goes down, the SW takes care of the rest.

If I'm not understanding, then please provide a little more detail to your question.
STS-TechAuthor Commented:
The routes worked like a charm! We ended up leaving the original wan as the default, making a service group with all the internet services, and just forwarding it to WAN2.
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