How do I write a SQLDataSource Update Command to the Screen for Troubleshooting?

I've got an sds update command that is not updating the underlying db nor is it throwing any errors. I would like to print the update string to the screen after it generates so I can see why the update is failing. The command is in sds located in the aspx file.
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MCallasConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Yes, you understood my question correctly. I tried the Response.Write(sdsCurrentTraining.UpdateCommand.ToString()); but it literally wrote "Response.Write(sdsCurrentTraining.UpdateCommand.ToString());" to the screen.
How do I check with the sql server profiler? I don't have Performance Tools under my SQL Server 2008 menu.
If I understood the question correctly then you want to print the update commad on the page for troubleshooting. Can we try Response.Write(Sqldatasource1.UpdateCommand.ToString()); or just check with the sql server profiler whats going wrong.
MCallasAuthor Commented:
No sense in beating a dead horse here. Thanks anyway.
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