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Hi,  I recently upgraded my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7.  I accidently forgot to copy a very important folder of the PC before i switched over from XP to Windows 7.  Is there any way i can recover this folder of the PC?  
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You should avoid using the hard drive - the more you add to the hard drive, the less your chances are of recovering from it.  It's possible that installing the application can overwrite the same sectors that your data is stored.  Even using the OS is risky, because it could create temporary file, internet cache or swap files in the same area as the old data.

It's safest to remove the hard drive and attach it to another computer, which does not casually read/write to the disk - and then scan the disk.  You also need a place to recover the data to.  When you install the program it warns you quite a lot about doing it to the same disk :)
You stand a change if you stop using your hard drive immediately - take it out and then attach it to another computer and run a data recovery program.

I can highly recommend Runtime's GetDataBack for NTFS - very powerful and it's gotten me out of many a sticky situation.  You can install the trial version to see if your software is still available, it just won't let you recover the folder unless you register it.

I am in no way affiliated with Runtime Software, and this should be seen as advertising.
stevidAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment - would it be harmful to run software on pc i want to get data off or have you to remove hard drive?
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