How to read SQL Server 2008 via wifi with a handheld with Windows CE.

I have an intermec handheld with windows mobile 6.x, cfw 2.0 and wifi. I'm programming it with vs2005 without problems but I need to read and write a SQL Server 2008 database via wifi. What do I need to install in order to support it? There is not namespace in my development environment.
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you need to install SQLCE in your development envrionment (Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, no a express edition, not VS2010).

I assume, you already instaled a windows mobile SDK: either Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 or Windows Mobile 6.5 DTK). System.Data is ADO.Net classes and runtime and should be available after install of windows mobile sdk. It is not part of SQLCE/SqlCompact.

There is a good book which has several chapters for SQLCE: Programming the Compact Framework.

With SQLCE, you can connect to local (on the device) sql databases and to remote ones (for example a SQL Server 2003). Needs System.Data.SqlServer or System.Data.SQLClient.

ASP.NET and SOAP is another way to connect to SQL Servers.

With a SQLCE Client Agent on the server side you can even have a local database and push and pull changes using Replication. But this is also described in detail in the above book.

Using SQLCE to connect to a SQL server is easy, just use the right connection string. As you have WiFi, you may use this direct approach.

The solution is combined of two parts, client and server:

1. Develop an ASP.NET Web Service on the server side that will communicate with the database and expose SOAP operations like QueryTable1, UpdateTable1 etc.
Refer to MSDN -

2. Develop a Windows CE client with Web Services proxy using the "SOAP Toolkit for Windows CE"
Refer to MSDN -
I am not sure about VS2005 but in VS2008, You can use the System.Data namespace (you may have to add reference to it). All you have to do is make sure the SQL Server is reachable on the WiFi.
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I'm going to test this weekend, thanks in the meantime.
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