Using different networks for replication, heartbeat etc


We are using Exchange 2007 SP3 on Windows 2008 Server. We use CCR.

If I go to Failover Cluster Administrator > Cluster > Networks

Then I can see we have the following Networks set:

1. Private

2. CCR

3. Public

I assume that:

Private is the Heartbeat, CCR is for Replication traffic, and Public is where the clients connect to.

Does anyone know where it is configured that CCR should use the CCR network/NIC's, the heartbeat should use the Private network/NIC's etc? I can't see it. Also, if I wanted to confirm that the CCR network was, indeed, being used for replication traffic and not heartbeat (e.g. if it was incorrectly labelled) how would I do that?

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abhijitmdpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As per design, MS recommends to use private communication between two cluster nodes and that should be directly connected using a cross network cable and it will be used for cluster heartbeat processing,

The public network is for clients who is going to connect the cluster to avail services.

and the CCR is for internal CCR configuration that will be used for CCR nodes for their internal replication.

Now here is a twist, in best configuration design public and private both network should process heartbeat but private must be dedicated for heartbeat only not for any public connectivity because of redendancy purpose. I believe it will clear your doubts.
e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some of the printed links are:
Planning for Cluster Continuous Replication
Section:  Network Requirements for Installing CCR on Windows Server 2008

Continuous Replication over Redundant Cluster Networks
section: Redundant Cluster Networks

Excerpt from the above URL:
Exchange 2007 SP1 minimizes the effects of the preceding problems by allowing the administrator to create one or more mixed networks in the cluster (a mixed network is a cluster network that supports both internal cluster heartbeat traffic and client traffic) for log shipping. Exchange 2007 SP1 also enables an administrator to specify a specific mixed network to be used for seeding.

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