My Android Phone starts Freezing Regularly - battery has to be removed for reboot

Dear Experts,
I have an Android Phone (Version 2.2.1).

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Fit.  I am running the original OS that came with the phone (no upgrades) and I am finding that progressively over time it requires to be rebooted.  The screen freezes and I need to take the battery out.  

I am thinking that some evil application is using up all the CPU / memory / battery life but after deleting all sorts of Apps from my start up the problem persists.

Is there a good way to diagnose what the evil app might be?  Can I reboot the phone without removing the battery?   I have installed Android Booster to give me optimization information and taken some of its advice (not sharing my location).   I have also installed Traffic Monitor to see if an App is using up my bandwidth behind the scenes.  Any other suggestions?

When I search the web for others with this problem I find posts from angry Android owners but nothing that looks like a solution in my case.
Best Wishes,
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snailcatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe freeze shows the snapshot of use at that time as opposed to showing the CPU use as it changes.

I think the main use of this will be to allow it to run in the background and alert you when an app is using a large amount of CPU
If there are available upgrades for your device you should apply them to see if that helps the issue.

Try installing Watchdog from the Android Market (you can use the free version).  It will let ypi know if an app is using a lot of CPU power.
PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
Dear Snailcat,
There are quite a few Apps in the Android Market with the word "Watchdog" in the title.

Could you be more specific or say the name of the software company?
Get 'Watchdog Task Manager Lite' from Zomut,LLC

PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
OK I have just installed it.  However on the CPU tab there are a couple of checkboxes I don't understand.  One says "real time CPU" which I assume records or displays each application's usage of the CPU.  There is an other checkbox called "Freeze". What does that one do?
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