Users Can't Log On to Termiinal Services

I have two servers, a domain controller and a terminal server.  I have added two users to the Remote Desktop Users group via the domain.  I have checked on the terminal server that the Remote Desktop Users group has Logon Through Terminal Services rights.  They are still unable to login to TS.  I have researched all the correct steps to take and have triple checked that they are correct.  I have ten TS licenses installed on the terminal server.  Any ideas?
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Try adding the users to the "Remote Desktop Users" group on the Terminal Server itself rather than the "Remote Desktop Users" group in the domain.
Premkumar YogeswaranAnalyst II - System AdministratorCommented:
Check the below points..:

Computer management - users properties - Terminal Services Profile - Deny logon to Terminal Server.

If it is domain user, go to AD for user properties and check the same.

Secpol.msc - user rights assignments - allow logon through terminal services.

refer link:

shanejAuthor Commented:
Bingo!  I swear I hate Windows permission problems. :-(  Hopefully I'll remember this in a year when I need it again....Nah, I won't.  Thanks for bailing me out!
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